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Quality / Regulation

Busy pharmacy clinical trial teams need to keep abreast of recent developments in EU legislation and UK regulations surrounding the governance of clinical trials. CtDatabank is a quality management tool which supports the team in managing pharmacy aspects of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) through:

Consistent record keeping of source data
Increased accuracy of data
Improved access to information
Reduced paper workload
Audit trail

‘Getting it right first time’ means better care and value through the reduction of waste and errors and the prioritisation of effective treatments.  Quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) can achieve this.  

CtDatabank will support the the QIPP principles by enabling productivity and quality gains; reducing the risk of errors; reducing time and paper. Savings can be made without compromising the quality and safety of patient care.

Quality              - increases patient safety by having a comprehensive system for managing all clinical trials 

Innovation        - provides new methods of reducing unwarranted administration

Prevention        - reduces the risk of medication errors as a safe and standard system guides operators
                          through required transactions

Productivity      - saves time with fast searching, increased accessibility and availability of reports