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CtDatabank Trial Set-Up

When a new trial is created, CtDatabank creates a unique record which remains for the life of the trial.

A trial will naturally move through several stages - Proposed / Pending / Active / Rejected / Suspended / Closed. A number of independent verification checks are built into the system at each stage to ensure nothing is missed. The audit trail will capture these key dates.

Users enter the CtDatabank system using a unique username and password.  Within a Trust, every trial is set up as a discrete item and it is only possible to view those trials you are invited to. Each Trust user will be directed to a ‘Welcome’ page. All the trials they have been granted access to will be listed here. New trials can be added at any time.

Setting up a trial

CtDatabank guides the Trial administrator through entering key details about the trial. This ensures that the same information is consistently recorded for every trial, which is then stored and viewed centrally by all authorised users.


The user is prompted to enter data in key areas:

Basic details: i.e. Trial name, protocol number, ethics approval, EUDRACT number etc.

Contact details: Principal investigator, pharmacy, sponsor and manufacturer

Clinical details: Trial aims, dosage regime, visit schedule, patient counselling, code break data

Dispensing: Issusing procedures which includes pictures and dispensing label layouts

Ordering: How to receive and order new stock, drug destruction details etc.