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Instant access to full dispensing trail, including drug, strength, formulation, kits and quantity supplied

The Dispensing section lists all the patients that have been assigned to a particular trial. It’s possible to add a new patient to a trial. Importantly, there are links to enable users to either dispense drugs or to view the dispensing history for these individuals.

Drugs dispensed to a patient require a new entry to be made. The specific drugs assigned to this trial will be displayed for dispensing purposes. Current stock levels indicate what is available; the pack Quantity, Expiry date and Batch No for each drug must be entered. For security and audit purposes, the username and password must be re-entered before the dispensing is confirmed.


Once the dispensing record has been successfully created, it will always be linked to the patient. The drugs dispensed to a patient will form a history that can be easily viewed or printed for audit purposes. Any patient returns can also be recorded.