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More than ever before, pharmacy departments need to keep on top of an ever-increasing clinical trial workload - whilst working more efficiently. CtDatabank is an essential management tool that can help achieve this.

How CtDatabank will benefit your department:

  • An essential management tool that aids Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and compliance with EU directives on data quality
  • Reduces paper overload – one electronic dispensing record replaces dispensing, returns and stock accountability logs
  • Key information available across all Trust sites – no need to be at your desk to answer patient or drug enquiries
  • Promotes patient safety and provides optimal care by reducing risk management
  • Supports QIPP compliance
  • Full data security and frequent back up

CtDatabank will help you to

Save time:

  • An electronic version of your clinical trials data is available across all sites
  • A standardised trial summary means each CT summary has same look-and-feel. Users know exactly where to look for the same data on every trial
  • One record of dispensing creates drug, stock and patient accountability reports
  • A dispensing fee calculator is provided for invoicing
  • Automatic alerts for clinical checks
  • Automatic invoice reminders help keep you on top of invoicing

Improve quality:

  • Quality checks are made when you activate a trial
  • Mandatory GCP checks when a trial is activated or updated
  • Mandatory entry of expiry date and batch number on dispensing record
  • Electronic data is secure and frequently backed up
  • Centrally stored data replaces pieces of paper and folders
  • Two-token electronic signatures at all key endorsement points
  • Site monitor can access anonymised patient accountability and annotate record directly
  • Audit trail for all user based transactions

Reduce risk:

  • Role-based access control restricts system access to authorised users
  • Clinical checks required when a trial is activated or updated
  • Internal safety checks at key stages of data entry
  • Duplicate patient record checker
  • Instant access to trial contacts and code break details
  • Out-of-hours access to data without needing to be on-site
  • Blocks dispensing for suspended trials